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A Reaper and a human. Could their love be the catalyst for Armageddon? All Hell is about to break loose in this epic story of love and hate, good and evil, life and DEATH.

Peter Jenkins is a Reaper. Well-practiced in the mechanics of death, he diligently works to extract souls from the deceased and counsel them in their transition to the afterlife. His understanding of the supernatural was irrefutable, until a chance meeting with Emily Garcia, a young medical researcher, begins Peter on a journey that will challenge everything he believes in. As the connection between Peter and Emily flourishes, they begin to learn that the Higher Powers have a growing interest in their relationship. Emily soon becomes part of Peter's world, a world of Angels and prophecies. Could something as seemingly innocent as the love between a Reaper and a human spell the end for all mankind?

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Coop Stevens is extremely proud and excited to share his latest work, Revelations. Stay engaged for all the latest news as we continue the Revelations journey.

July 2021

  • Listen to the Coop Stevens interview with ArtistFirst Radio Network at

  • July 2021 will mark the release of Revelations in paperback version - get your copy today!

  • Coop has started work on Revelations - Book II. Stay engaged for further updates as we continue the Revelations journey.

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